Our Family – October 2016

My name is Lindsay and I am the blessed wife of Aaron and mother to our four little ones, Karis, Titus, Eden & Helen. We reside in the beautiful Northwest and enjoy the bounties of God’s creation in this part of the country. Most importantly, we are Bible-believing Christians seeking to follow the Lord with all our hearts.

I am a home school graduate, sister to 7 siblings, and and the blessed daughter of two godly parents.

My husband, Aaron, is most importantly a wonderful husband and father. He works full-time as computer programmer/developer and worship leader/deacon at our church. He serves us so faithfully! Our vision for the future is to transition into part-time or full time ministry as techno-missionaries, using Aaron’s computer skills to serve the cause of world missions in the church, mission agencies, and missionaries. We also help serve in mobilizing and increasing mission awareness in our church and city. We love serving in this way!

My heart’s desire is to grow deeper in my knowledge of our great and mighty Savior as I apply His truth to my role as wife and mother. I love writing and am passionate about the home and encouraging other wives and mothers in this pursuit of glorifying God together.

I am always learning how I can be more frugal, and nutritious in my cooking and lifestyle, and enjoy it greatly. Eating nutritionally and living naturally on a budget is my vision for my homemaking. I desire to eat whole real foods to best equip our bodies for the Lord’s work, not to extend one day of my life, but that we might be more fit and ready to serve our Savior.

Our vision is to live simply and sustainably so we can give generously for the furtherance of the gospel to the nations! We are striving to be good stewards of the earth that God has placed under our care, and love exploring how to re-use anything and everything, or replace it altogether with a non-disposable ;) So yes, you can say we are trying to live green!

I hold highly the design God has fashioned for women to be homemakers and I cherish this calling. My heart’s cry is to be a woman who cultivates community and compassion in the domain of home, church, and neighborhood (extending to the unsaved), and that is why I eagerly seek to minister as much as possible from my primary domain within the home, alongside my husband and with my children.


As referred to in our byline, I want to live an intentional, purposeful, God-centered, mission-minded lifestyle. My hope is to use this blog to inspire women to be intentional in every action in their homes – to cultivate strong relationships with our family and others, inspire our children to love and serve the Lord, pursue joyful homemaking, being good stewards of the earth, and opening our homes to minister to the lost and needy around us. I like to call it “missional” living or missional homemaking. My goal is to encourage us all to ask ourselves in everything we do, from natural living to simple living, to making a home, to making decisions, what has this to do with the goal of glorifying our Lord and furthering His kingdom? That is what I mean by living intentionally. It reminds me afresh of the poem: Only one life, twill soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last. Let’s labor together to live without reserves or regrets.

I would love for you to join me as I journal how God is shaping and refining me more into His image, and may you be blessed and encouraged in the journey as well!

Proceeds earned through affiliates on Passionate Homemaking are donated to Compassion International.

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